Seam Repair

Do you have wall to wall carpet in your home? Most people don’t know that wall to wall carpet is actually more than one carpet.

To get the wall to wall look, two carpets are glued together at the seams. Naturally after years of wear and tear carpet seams will start to come apart.

Carpet Repair and Cleaning Tempe is well equipped to handle this problem for you. Our carpet repair technicians can repair your carpet seams with ease.

We have two solutions for you. If there is no damage to your carpet seams, all we have to do is glue the seams back together with our adhesive. This will guarantee a strong bond between the seams.

If your carpet seams have sustained major damage, our carpet repair technicians will have to cut out the damaged seam and replace it with a new one. They will then re-glue the seams.

When they are done your carpet will look brand new again!