Carpet Repair due to pets is our number one service. Typically the damage to the carpet is in the doorways of rooms or bathrooms sometimes even up to tile edges in the kitchen or dining room. Dogs or cats will scratch or dig at the carpet tearing it up and even tearing out the carpet pad that is underneath the carpet. Most people assume that they will have to replace the entire carpet but thankfully that is not the case. Our technicians are all skilled at carpet repairs on all types of carpet and all sizes. We can repair standard plush pile carpet (as shown below), loop pile carpet, such as Berber, patterned carpet and even commercial carpet. We can also provide a free, over the phone estimate based on the type of carpet and the size of the damage. We like to provide pricing up front so there are no surprises when we come onsite. For carpet repair we will need extra matching carpet from the original install. We can use the leftover carpet the original installer left with you or if there is none then we can go into the back of a closet and cut out a section for the repair. Of course, if we take from the closet we will not leave you with a new hole. Our technicians carry non matching beige or light brown carpet remnants on their trucks and will use this carpet to replace the carpet section they take. If you are concerned about the section that goes back into the closet because you are renting or are selling the home feel free to go to Home Depot or Lowes and find a similar carpet to what you have in the home. If you purchase a section and have that onsite, our technician will be happy to use that as replacement carpet in the closet. Call our office today for your estimate or if you have any additional questions at 480-360-4363.